Another beautiful harmony (white, pink, purple) for a 175 m2 flowerbed in Annecy in 2013 (France, French Alps). You will notice in this composition :

  • the edging plants : Ajuga, Aubretia, Daisies, Heuchera, Forget-me-not, and Pansies,,
  • the medium-sized plants : Euphorbia, Heuchera,
  • the high plants : white and purple Lunaria and 5 monochrome or two-colour varieties of tulips with different forms of flowers.

(For plant names, see below)


  • Arabis alpina “Hermine”
  • Lunaria biennis “White”
  • Forget me not alpestris “Snowsylva”
  • Viola “ White”
  • Viola “White with blotch”
  • Triumph Tulip  “Rem’s sensation”

Tender pink

  • Bellis perennis ‘Pink”
  • Papaver nudicaule “Pink”
  • Viola ‘Pink”
  • Fringed Tulip “’Fancy Frills”
  • Triumph Tulip “New design”

Pink Carmine

  • Bellis perennis “ Pink Carmine”
  • Triumph Tulip “Don quichotte”


  • Ajuga reptans “Burgundy Glow”
  • Ajuga reptans “Evening Glow”
  • Aubretia deltoïdes “Royal Purple”
  • Euphorbia amyddaloides “Purpurea”
  • Heuchera sanguinea “Velvet night”
  • Lunaria bienes “Purple”
  • Lily flowered Tulip “Burgundy”
  • Triumph Tulip “Arabian Mystery”