Annecy “4 Flowers” and “ Gold Flower” City : white is your ally to illuminate your borders

This flower bed was done in 2013. It is located in a very prestigious location in the center of the city of Annecy. This green space is surrounded by historical buildings and is regularly in the shade in the day. It is therefore important to illuminate with light colors.

Tourcoing, bright colors in the Northern sky

In my last article, I presented a first flower bed from Tourcoing, a “4 flowers” and “golden flower” city in the contest “France in Bloom”. In this one, you will find a very interesting floral display in terms of horticultural diversity.

Tourcoing, “4 flowers” and “Gold flower”

I am very pleased to be able to work with the city of Tourcoing, in Northern France, to write this article for you this time. We are going to discover some of their 2015 flowerbeds, never published in the French horticultural magazines.

I know this city very well; indeed I worked in its green spaces department for 17 years.

Annecy: Delphinium and Cleome for an etheral flowerbed

After the shimmering spring season, we come now to the summer flowers whose range is larger. Among these flowers, some of them allow to create much higher and larger flowerbeds.