I like designing flowerbeds like an impresionnist painting or like a bunch of flowers.

See below for plant names.

Impressionnist flowerbed

You need for that:

  • color
  • different forms
  • monochrome and two-colour flowers
  • different heights

You will notice :

  • Lunaria annua to obtain a good height
  • several varieties of tulips with one or two two colours
  • several varieties of identical coloured plants
  • Papaver have not yet bloomed


  • Arabis alpina “Hermine”
  • Lunaria biennis “White”
  • Papaver nidicaule “White”
  • Greigii Tulip  “White fire”

Pink and white:

  • Triumph Tulip “Page polka”
  • Parrot Tulip “Weber’s parrot”


  • Bellis perennis “Pink”
  • Alpestris Forget me not  “Pink”
  • Papaver nidicaule “Pink”
  • Viola “Pink Shades”
  • Viola “Pink”


  • Ajuga reptans “Burgundy glow”
  • Ajuga repatans “Evening Glow”
  • Aubretia deltoides “Royal Purple”
  • Triumph Tulip “Don Quichotte”
  • Viola “Purple”