Tourcoing, 4 flowers and Golden flower city : bright colors in the Northern sky

Choisir ses plantes

Photo : City of Tourcoing

In my last article, I presented a first flower bed from Tourcoing, a “4 flowers” and “golden flower” city in the contest “France in Bloom”. In this one, you will find a very interesting floral display in terms of horticultural diversity.

This stunning flower bed is composed on the opposition between red and green. Other colors complete the composition : brown, orange, purple and yellow.

Choosing a plant : it is an art

To evaluate the color of a plant, you must consider not only the color of the flowers  but also the color of the foliage. Then you have to consider the balance between the visual impact of the flowers and the flowers.

In other words, some plants have white flowers but the visual impact can be very low if there are very few white flowers. In this case, they can be seen as green plants. Or they can also be considered as white flowers but with a very little visual impact. Consequently, you must classify this plant as a green plant. The foliage can be very interesting. This is the case of the Musa maurelli, the ornemental purple banana tree with its purple leaves.

If you design flower beds, you must create a data base with the plants which correspond to your style. Personnaly, I prefer plants with a high visual impact.

Modernity and creativity for the city dwellers

As you can see in that picture, the volume of the flower bed is outstanding. I like the Musa maurelli very much because it allows to obtain an important height in the flower beds. The visual impact can be very interesting, especially when it has been cultivated for several years.

We are light years away from flower beds of the past, which design was geometrical.

The idea is to surprise the visitors with new and beautiful plants and with nice colors harmonies.

More than 80 % of the citizens in France are city dwellers. That is why it is very important that the cities are welcoming with high standards for the green spaces.

Thank you very much for the collaboration of the city of Tourcoing for this article. We wish you all the best for the inspection by the jury of the contest “Fance in Bloom”at the beginning of August.

Here is the description of this flower bed:


  • Amaranthe “Hot biscuit”
  • Rudbeckia “Automns colors”


  • Abutilon “Savitzii”
  • Eupatorium capilifolium “Elegant Feather”
  • Ipomée batata “Marguerite”
  • Kochia scoparia childsii
  • Molucella laevis
  • Nicotiana sylvestris
  • Plectanthrus ciliathus


  • Canna “Stuttgart”
  • Cosmos sulphureus “Carioca”
  • Crocosmia x crocosmiflora “Emily Mckenzy”
  • Dahlia “Dreamy Eyes”
  • Dahlia “Pooh”
  • Leonotis leonorus
  • Muflier speedy “Sonnet F1 bronze”
  • Tagete signata “Tangerine orange”


  • Saccharum officinarum violaceum
  • Iresine lindenii
  • Iresine herbstii “Blazin’ rose”
  • Musa maurelli
  • Perilla de Nankin


  • Canna “Tropical red”
  • Dahlia “Bishoop of Lancaster”
  • Gaillarde x grandiflora “Arizona Red Shades”
  • Rudbeckia “Cherry Brandy”
  • Salvia hybride “Go Go Scarlett”
  • Salvia splendens
  • Sunpatiens “Vigorous red”
  • Ricin Carmencita red


  • Amicla zygomeris
  • Cassia didymobotrya
  • Cassia floribunda
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